My name is Mireia Parera i Farràs, restorer of antique furniture and passionate of decoration and design world, with capacity to give ideas, manage and organize.

I started in the world of furniture restoration in 2002 by chance and since then I have not stopped. I did an initial and intensive course in the ceramic school of La Bisbal de l‘Empordà. I continued at CAN XATARRA. The following year a course of finishes of the furniture in the school EPSAR. Seeing that there were many different topics to choose from and techniques for learning I also did a hand-woven grille course and a course of goldfish (both water and mixtion varnish), both at the ERA (Association of Friends of Antiquities).

Apart from the study of furniture and its restoration and increasingly with interest and enthusiasm for the decoration I did a distance course of one year of interior design at the University San Jorge Zaragoza (2.016).

I am going to set up in 2003 my first furniture restoration (R & R) workshop in Barcelona and in 2005 I moved to Sabadell (where I live) creating the current shop-workshop called LA MANSARDA DEL MOBLE.

With all these years what satisfies me the most, apart from all the learning I have experienced, is to see how people value this profession and above all enjoy.

Mireia Parera i Farràs

Restoration of antique furniture

Each Restoration and project is unique, a new challenge and finally a satisfaction for me seeing how the client enjoys. For me it is very important to feel confortable a space and to make people feel good.

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